STEVEN WILSON: I’m A Vegetarian Because I Believe Humans Don’t Have Any Right To Eat Animals

During a fan Q&A, Steven Wilson was asked on why he became a vegetarian, to which he replied (as transcribed by

“I became a vegetarian because I don’t believe human beings have any right to eat animals.

“And I know that not everyone agrees with that.

“I think that human race has evolved to the point where we don’t need to eat animals, so therefore we have no right to eat animals.

“This argument that we’re somehow part of the food chain doesn’t work, because we’ve long since evolved to the point where we’re no longer a part of the food chain. So we eat animals basically because we like it.

“It’s not a good enough reason for me. I mean, listen, I’m not trying to be patronizing and holier than you – I didn’t become a vegetarian until I was in my 30s, so it took me a long time to get to that point.

“But I’m at that point now where I don’t force my opinion on other people, but all catering on my our is vegetarian – I do force it onto the band and the crew when we’re on tour. [Laughs]

“But actually they love it, you know, because the point is these days, good vegetarian food is amazing. We’re not in the ’70s anymore.

“It was tough to get good vegetarian food in the ’70s and ’80s maybe. Not anymore.

“Any Italian restaurant, any Indian restaurant, any Asian restaurant – fantastic vegetarian food. I’m not vegan, I love cheese, which of course is an animal product.

“But only free range and organic sort of cheese, and eggs and that kind of thing. And I love cheese, I love halloumi cheese, my favorite.”