STEVEN WILSON Slams GRETA VAN FLEET: ‘Abysmal, Terrible, Joke, Piss-Poor Third-Rate Impersonation of LED ZEPPELIN’

Steven Wilson Greta Van Fleet

In a new interview with My Rock Podcast, Steven Wilson has shared his opinion about GRETA VAN FLEET, branding them a “piss-poor third-rate impersonation of LED ZEPPELIN.”

Wilson said:

“That terrible band Greta Van Fleet, you know that band? I think they’re absolutely abysmal. I think they’re terrible; I think it’s a joke.

“They’re an example of a band – because they’re pretty young boys, they look like a boy band, they play this really piss-poor third-rate impersonation of Led Zeppelin.

“But they’re pretty and they’ve had all the help of the media and the commercial machine behind them, and they’ve been able to reach a massive audience overnight by playing third-rate music.

“I don’t believe for one minute that anyone will remember who they are in 10 years. Maybe they’ll prove me wrong and develop into a good band and make a good record, but the point is, at the moment, they’re not.

“They’re like a boy band version of Led Zeppelin. I understand why that happens, I’m not naive, I understand that a lot of the industry is based around being young, pretty, having the right image. I’ve never had any of that stuff.”