STEVEN WILSON: Today’s Rap Is More Innovative Than Today’s Rock

Steven Wilson said the rock world is lagging behind rap artists in terms of innovation these days, explaining to journalist Anthony Carioscia:

“I feel there is a certain approach that has been lost in songwriting, mostly in rock music.

“I see this approach still seems to be around in hip-hop and R&B. I feel the rock and pop scenes have become too conservative,

“I miss these big epic records that were as experimental as anything but still very accessible with no sense of being dumbed down. We still have some acts doing this but nowhere near as much as we used to.

“That is the kind of tradition I want this record [‘To the Bone,’ due out August 18] to come from. I chose this track [‘Permanating‘] to be a single to show the poppy side of my musical personality.

“I love classical pop like ABBA and The Beach Boys so I feel like it’s an obvious single. Whether it will be played on the radio or not who knows? The climate has changed for what is considered pop.”

Asked about ‘what bands do you feel are doing this today,’ Steven replied:

“Stuff like Radiohead and Arcade Fire, and these guys aren’t even new artists. Both bands are accessible but explore the possibilities of music.

“The real innovations are coming from artists like Kendrick Lamar who exists more in the hip-hop scene.”

Asked whether he’s familiar with Chelsea Wolfe and Zola Jesus, Wilson replied:

“The indie scene is full of female singers who are holding the torch of Kate Bush. Sadly, they are more indie but things are way different in 2017 then they were in 1987.”