Stitched Up – Jupiter Jazz and the Suicide Cult Review

As a reviewer it’s my duty to look for hints and details and other things to write about the album of a band that there’s apparent no idea about it. Ok, then, so the album name helps a lot. Sometimes it doesn’t. Right, so the band’s name is also a pretty hint. No, not in this very particular case. Ok, so does the album cover. Well, it helps but not a lot. Stitched Up with “Jupiter Jazz and the Suicide Cult” are one of these cases. No clue from the album tittle not the band’s name which, by the way, give us no clue at all. When one reads “Jupiter Jazz and the Suicide Cult” many ideas come to mind but none can be accurate. From the names here I expected something more out of the box. Something experimental. Something more ethereal. Things like that. But it’s not what my dear child of the night will find in here.

Ok, then, so I’l give you my child of the night a complete idea of the music expected in here. Stitched Up are an Extreme Metal band and “Jupiter Jazz and the Suicide Cult” is an album which mixes many influences of Extreme Metal. It goes from the faster-than-the- speed-of-light to the more cadenced and moody tracks. Sometimes all this in the same track as in “Goat F*ker.” Others as “Gravity Kills” have some modern Metal features as extremely heavy low-tuned guitars and vocals with some effects. Or even the speech in “Marz” whose keayboards really give it the ethereal atmosphere I was expecting. The only track in here that delivers what I expected. From where I’m standing, the best track of the album. Likes a lot the guitar solos full of effects that gave the song some Led Zeppelin to it. Another track that has a tittle that addresses to a sound is “NecroMantis” and its modern Sepultura feels. Groovy and really heavy.

“Jupiter Jazz and the Suicide Cult” is an ecletic album with lots of moods and atmospheres. The experimental traits I expected are in some tracks and definetily in the songs’ tittles. An album that really tries to give the fan something else than the ordinary. It pays off only for this.

Stitched Up “Jupiter Jazz and the Suicide Cult” will be released on August 26th.

Track Listing:

  1. Brujas…Slowly They Burn
  2. C4YC
  3. California Locust
  4. David Carradine
  5. Goat F*ker
  6. Gravity Kills
  7. Marz
  8. NecroMantis
  9. X2Y
  10. Zero Bull*hit

Watch “Goat F*ker” official music video here: