STONE SOUR Accused Of Ripping Off BACKYARD BABIES On ‘Song #3,’ BACKYARD BABIES Frontman Reacts

BACKYARD BABIES frontman Nicke Borg was asked by Linea Rock about fans accusing STONE SOUR of ripping off his band’s “Abandon” track on their recent single “Song #3,” to which he replied:

“Oh, really? I had no idea. I know STONE SOUR, but I haven’t heard the song. Is it on their latest album? Oh, I must listen. I never met Corey Taylor. Yeah, I met him, but we haven’t been talking. I know I was hanging out a bit with Joey Jordison from SLIPKNOT, but I don’t know any of them more than that.”

The musician jokingly added: “But, of course, he has been listening to the Backyard Babies – everyone has. So we are an influential band.”

Asked if he sees the similarities as a “positive” thing, Nicke replied: “Yeah. We borrow a lot of things as well. So… whatever.”

“Song #3” is taken from STONE SOUR‘s latest album, “Hydrograd”, which was released on June 30 via Roadrunner Records.

“Backyard Babies” came out in August 2008 and debuted on the U.K. rock chart at No. 29. The disc was helmed by Swedish producer Jacob Hellner, who previously worked with RAMMSTEIN and APOCALYPTICA.