Stonewall – Never Fall

Some bands really deserve the name they have. Or, in other words, they actually pass to their songs the meaning of their name. This is Stonewall, a band with solid and impregnable wall of pure Heavy Metal. “Never Fall” is an old school piece, but sounds as fresh as the morning sun – hum, that was poetic, wasn’t it? But Stonewall have indeed some poetry in their songs as in “Don’t Cross the Line” with a catchy singalong chorus. In “Don’t Cross the Line” Stonewall reserve the right to give some piece of advice to listeners. Cool thing!

Lyrics are a highlight in “Never Fall” due to their positive stand. Stonewall are a band that male a stand as in “Sound of Violence” which chorus is also singalong, but not that catchy. Of course, this is no poetry contest or speech analysis, but it’s great to have bands that do have something to say. This world is too harsh. There is something of Dio writing in Stonewall. Songs are catchy without being cheesy. One can’t say Stonewall are an easy band. “Don’t Cross the Line” is an album with great songs with singalong choruses. No problem with that at all. I guess it is desired. Again the diversity of Metal. A fan can go from extremes in a second with bands. That’s one of the million things I love about Metal music.

But don’t get me wrong. There is much more about Stonewall than the choruses and lyrics. Instrumentals are neat as well. They are the ones which build the stonewall where the band’s music is firmly stand. “Lethal Power” and “Tears of the Earth” is a very good example. Both with a foot in power metal, but without crossing the line.

Stonewall “Never Fall” will be released on September 28th via No Remorse Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Lethal Power
  2. Cross the Line
  3. Tears of the Earth
  4. Walk on Fire
  5. Let It Rise
  6. Taken by Shadows
  7. From the Stars
  8. Live for the Fight
  9. Sound of Violence
  10. Never Fall

    Tear Down the Walls

Watch “Eyes of Fire” video here: