Structural – Decrowned Review

Máscara de Ferro’s Joey Marcos used to say that today’s Metal music is really harder to play than it was in the past. He meant that musicians were technically better and the music they did was much more daring than it was before. He was totally right. When I listen to bands as Structural their music make me remember of his words. The music in here is really something to be proud in technical terms. Their astonishing instrumental prowess make “Decrowned” a jawbreaking album to listen over and over. Listen carefully to the bass lines of “Utopia” telling this tale much better. than my words A track where the bass is much more attractive than the guitars deserves all my respect. It’s impossible not to pay total and close attention to it.

“Decrowned” is Structural‘s sophomore album. Being formed in 2015, the band has had a long way so far being a support act for some outstanding bands. Their line-up is formed by guitarists Shani Friedman and Tomer Dembinsky, vocalist Nadav Zaidman, bassist Koren Esco and drummer Vadim Sergyenko.

A band totally proves its capacity when runs away from its musical genre. The sweet and touching intro of “White Lilly” shows this. Structural can make anything than only Technical Death Metal because besides the haunting vocals the song has an instrumental that really goes beyond Technical Death Metal. “White Lilly” with some out of the box instrumental solutions. On the other side of the coin, “Purge Of Sanity” doesn’t have the same tender intro but it shares the out of the box instrumentals that may address to Jazz or Jazz Rock – unfortunately a long gone tradition. Back in the 1970s, Jazz Rock was really something to rely and inspire on. Structural kind of remind me of it.

Technical Death Metal is something that really puzzles me. Theoretically, all the complex and intricate constructions should dilute the power of the music. However, it happens the opposite. They give it the musical chaos Metal music is made of. “Turbalance” proves this right.

Structural “Decrowned” was released on June 23rd via ViciSolum Productions.

Track Listing:

  1. Balance
  2. Your Damnation
  3. My Grass Is Greener
  4. And the Earth Has Rested
  5. Utopia
  6. White Lilly
  7. Purge of Sanity
  8. Ascetic
  9. Turbulance
  10. Rebirth
  11. Puppeteer

Watch “And the Earth Has Rested” official music video here: