StumpTail – Goat Rodeo Sacrifice: The Sound of Summer Review

Metal music is always giving us excelent and unexpected surprises that make us believe there are still bands that think out of the box. There is always more where Metal music came from if you know what I mean. Of course to stand out from the crowd is no easy task and it takes a lot from bands to do so. I know it takes a lot of guts to do something that is at the same time groundbreaking and possible to listen without any harm to one’s ears – I mean in all senses, my child of the night. Once in a while there is always something new and unusual coming here, but not as I’ve seen here with StumpTail “Goat Rodeo Sacrifice: The Sound of Summer” whose longest ever name is a sign that something exciting and weird was about to come.

At first, there’s an album that comes to my mind that may give my fan an idea of what happens here in terms of mix and blend and weird. The album is 1986’s David Lee Roth’s debut solo album “Eat ‘Em and Smile” which featured names as Steve Vai, Billy Sheehan and Greg Bissonette. The mix with Southern Rock, Blues, Jazz and much more was also there. Check “Father Sits High in the Sky” out and taste the blend. There are moments that the thing gets out of this world. The same mix StumpTail do here with one only exception: they mix Extreme Metal with all this. It means, of course, gutural vocals with a sonic mass of major chords and some dissonances brought from jazz. A mix that for some may be the road to disaster to StumpTail is the key to success. The secret ingredient of this curious and abnormal recipe is the right amounts of the ingredients. We’re talking about a Metal album so Metal has to be the center of the blend. And, of course, the vocals, the stapler of Extreme Metal, are in all tracks.

The tracks are in general long. The shortest is opening track “Be Gone From Here” which brings not so much news but works as an appetizer to what is to come. Other tracks have an average of around seven minutes of lots of experimentation and fun. Fun, yes fun. Above all it is fun to listen to “Goat Rodeo Sacrifice: The Sound of Summer.” Some tracks have the usual mix which to have them both but is separate parts as “Goat Rodeo” which starts as a Death Metal track except for the talks inside it. The unusual starts by the fourth mix with guitar solo which brings some strange combination and sound exterior from Extreme Metal. It sounds as a Pantera guitar solo where it sounds out of the song. By the seventh minute the song goes wild and lots of influences come around. The end of it kind of reminds Venom. From them on StumpTail deliver more dashes of Southern Rock and “Goat Rodeo Sacrifice: The Sound of Summer” gets more and more similar David Lee Roth’s debut solo album “Eat ‘Em and Smile.”

As I said before it was fun to listen to “Goat Rodeo Sacrifice: The Sound of Summer.” Even someone like me that has been listening to all unsual mixes will get surprised with the album. But good surprised.

StumpTail “Goat Rodeo Sacrifice: The Sound of Summer” on September 20th via Moonlight Cypress Archetypes.

Track Listing:

  1. Be Gone From Here
  2. Father Sits High in the Sky
  3. Goat Rodeo
  4. I’ll Rock the Cradle
  5. I Ain’t Right
  6. Ol’ Steve and the Corn Kids
  7. Worship at the Obelisk

Watch “Goat Rodeo” official video here: