SUICIDE SILENCE Announces ‘The Cleansing (Ultimate Edition)’

Suicide Silence

SUICIDE SILENCE announce the re-release of their classic debut album, The Cleansing (Ultimate Edition), out June 24th. The re-release includes liner notes by the band and extensive bonus material and is available to pre-order here.

SUICIDE SILENCE have come full circle and returned to their original label home, Century Media Records. With nearly two decades of non-stop touring around the globe, hundreds of thousands of records sold and cementing themselves as a lynchpin band in modern extreme metal, the Riverside, California quintet has rejoined the label that released the highly acclaimed albums: The Cleansing (2007), No Time To Bleed (2009) and The Black Crown (2011).

The Cleansing (Ultimate Edition) track listing:

  1. Revelations (Intro)
  2. Unanswered
  3. Hands Of A Killer
  4. The Price Of Beauty
  5. The Fallen
  6. No Pity For A Coward
  7. The Disease
  8. Bludgeoned To Death
  9. Girl Of Glass
  10. In A Photograph
  11. Eyes Sewn Shut
  12. Green Monster
  13. Destruction Of A Statue
  14. A Dead Current
  15. Swarm
  16. Engine No. 9
  17. Unanswered (Live In Paris)
  18. Bludgeoned To Death (Live In Paris)
  19. The Price Of Beauty (Live In Paris)
  20. Swarm (Live In Paris)
  21. No Pity For A Coward (Live In Paris)
  22. Green Monster (Live In Paris)
  23. The Fallen (Live In Paris)
  24. Destruction Of A Statue (Live In Paris)
  25. Hands of a Killer (Instrumental Rehearsal Tapes)
  26. In a Photograph (Instrumental Rehearsal Tapes)
  27. The Fallen (Instrumental Rehearsal Tapes)
  28. Untitled (Instrumental Rehearsal Tapes)
Suicide Silence The Cleansing Ultimate  Edition