Suidakra – Cimbric Yarns

It’s always a delight and surprise when Metal bands decide to record acoustic albums. To be delighted or to be surprised? That is the question. Not always in that order. But I love to be surprised, and delighted. As I told while reviewing Blaze Bayley’s “December Winds” (read the review here) to record an acoustic album may bring some unexpected results because it exposes the band a lot. There are no tons of effects and heavy drumming to hide failures. It has to be flawless. Only the voice and some instruments, maybe an acoustic guitar, a violin, or a cello, no more. As most bands are choosing the classical path, maybe a piano should be added. But that’s not the case here.

Suidakra went through the path of classical with some small touches of celtic folk and some renaissance. The result is a gorgeous album with amazing songs. But if you think that “Cimbric Yarns” is a stripped album you’re flat wrong. Some songs like “At Nine Light Night” are pretty pompous and grand. “Cimbric Yarns” is an album with some pretty complex songs, as one could expect from a band with the tradition Suidakra have. Being acoustic is just another way to express the feelings. Music is emotion and some emotion cannot be passed by regular ways, though Metal is doing everything possible to. And that emotion is clearly melancholy, and what “Cimbric Yarns” is fully made of. “Cimbric Yarns” offers you through a medieval roupage one of the most modern feelings. Listen to “Caoine Cruác” and check it out.

“Cimbric Yarns” exposes clearly what we say that is the emptiness of existence. This latent melancholy that runs deeply into “Cimbric Yarns” is an outcome of modern life, which is empty. That’s why there are so many that dream of a comeback to a glorious past that has never existed. Modern life is empty, existence needs more than mobiles and internet. Metal still means anything; Metal is still made of real people of flesh and blood. That’s why we love Metal and we’ll keep the flames always high.

Suidakra “Cimbric Yarns” was released on November 16th via AFM Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Echtra
  2. Serpentine Origins
  3. Ode to Arma
  4. A Day and Forever
  5. Black Dawn
  6. At Nine Light Night
  7. Snakehenge
  8. Birth and Despair
  9. Assault on Urlár
  10. Caoine Cruác

Watch “Ode to Arma” official music video here: