SUMPTUS IGNIS To Release Debut EP In March

Progressive metal duo SUMPTUS IGNIS is set to release their debut EP Seasons of Attrition on March 3rd.

There’s nothing sunny about SUMPTUS IGNIS’s music. Though formed in the Florida Keys, the progressive metal duo’s songs have more in common with the Everglades than any beach or poolside.

SUMPTUS IGNIS began in 2016 as a side project for IDENTITY COLLAPSE members Bryn Schurman and Joshua Wojtaszek. The goal was to stretch their songwriting muscles and deliver songs as diverse as their melting-pot of influences.

SUMTPUS IGNIS’s sound is melded from elements of progressive metal, melodic death, doom, 70’s progrock, and traditional heavy metal into a 29-minute journey of musical peaks and valleys. The four tracks that comprise Seasons of Attrition are expansive and dynamic, running the gamut from passages of serene melancholy, to crushing heaviness and fits of grinding rage. Jessica Sparks adds soaring vocals to the first three cuts, and guest guitarist “Austin Locke” provides classical guitar to “Voices of the Dead” and a shredding electric guitar solo to “As Is”. The lyrics weave provocative stories about ghosts of warfare, finding beauty among ugliness and decay, and what can best be described as an H.P. Lovecraft-themed gospel song.

Seasons of Attrition will be available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and other digital marketplaces on March 3rd.

SUMPTUS IGNIS “Seasons of Attrition” track list (29:14):

  1. Voices of the Dead (8:22)
  2. As Is (5:17)
  3. Beyond the Blighted Shore (7:43)
  4. December’s End (7:52)