Sun Q – Charms

Some people would label Sun Q “Charms” as stoner rock, doom metal, or something like that. Others would label them as Metal. That can happen because of the highly noticeable influences of acid and psychedelic rock bands, which are indeed the utterly influences of early Metal bands as Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Uriah Heep, and many others. Blatant mistake. Of course, to write a review it isn’t mandatory  to know plenty of music, to have listened a bunch full of bands of a great variety of styles. But it’s desirable. Sun Q with “Charms” are a direct link to the acid and psychedelic rock bands of the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Tracing back, Sun Q reminds a lot Jefferson Airplane. Not only, but mostly, because of the female vocals. The heavy drumming contributes a lot as well. Not only Jefferson Airplane, but Elena Tiron’s voice in “Space” reminds a lot Blondie’s Debbie Harry, as well as the song could be a Blondie’s piece. She has the same velvet voice. I’m a big fan of Blondie, believe it or not, and that’s why “Space” is my favorite.

We all agree that today’s pop music sucks. That’s why most kids are listening to old bands. Not only that, but also because the music done during the 1960, 1970, and 1980 was so amazing that it’s impossible to forget. Musicians are always looking for musical references. That’s no news. Nothing comes out of the blue. ll bands have their influences. Sun Q belong to a new wave of bands that are recreating the exciting atmosphere of the 1960s, but with some new references because they have also listened to the bands that have emulated that music before. That’s why “Jimmy The Pirate” has a Uriah Heep flavor. And “Plankton” reminds Television’s sassy voice full of Beatles references. I almost forgot! The opening track, “Petals and Thorns,” brings back that heavy pulse that Led Zep’s masters used to do. “Dancing Souls” guitars recreate the hypnotic and tense, but amazing pace of late blues singers.

Sun Q did a great job emulating the sonic efervescence of the past. To me it’s not retro music, it’s fresh music. All good music to me is fresh, and Sun Q “Charms” is good music. It’s such a hard work to look for sonic textures that are not used anymore. To look for the perfect drum tuning to make it sound perfectly. To get the fuzz pedal effect to make the guitars growl. It’s not only that, the musician has to learn how to use the same techniques used before. Not easy, I know. That hodgepodge of influences and sounds made Sun Q’s music unique. And another thanks to Elena Tiron’s hypnotic and astonishing voice. She made all that possible.

Give Sun Q “Charms” a chance to delight you. You won’t be sorry. Men are not made only of Metal, if you know what I mean.

Track Listing:

  1. Petals and Thorns
  2. After This
  3. Dancing Souls
  4. Secret Ways
  5. Space
  6. Jimmy The Pirate
  7. Circus Is Coming
  8. Plankton
  9. Winter Lady

Watch the studio live video to “After This” here:

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