Supersuckers – Play That Rock’N Roll

Few years ago a band such as Supersuckers would be called retro rock. I’m not sure when the term worn down, but I’m sure nobody uses it anymore. Maybe, just maybe, it’s because all rock bands now sound retro. Well, dare I posit that?

In fact, there’s watching and there’s doing. Short of saying that, Supersuckers “Play That Rock’N Roll” really kicks off in a frantic way with “Ain’t Gonna Stop” with its mix of Black Crowes and Classic Hard Rock with a subtle taste of The Rolling Stones. Really there are no news in this album, but sometimes, specially in the times we’re living in, that’s something to praise. Sometimes the good old stuff is much better than the new. I say that all the time. Not change just for change’s sake. It makes no sense at all.

In a sense, “Play That Rock’N Roll” is different from their former album “Suck It” because it is heavier and the guitars are almost screaming. Take “You Ain’t the Boss of Me” for instance with its incendiary guitars and astoning solos and licks. It’s good to see that Supersuckers did manage to maintain the sarcastic and acid sense of humor of the former album. As I said before,  good sense of humor is welcome. Tracks as “Getting into Each Other’s Pants” send the dirty message rock has to. Still the band found some room in their black hearts to write delicate tracks with dainty textures as in last, but not least track “Ain’t No Day Like Yesterday,” which is someway resumes pretty much the band’s philosophy as a retro rock band. By the way, it’s impossible to find a retro track as the title track “Play That Rock’N Roll” with its boogie-woogie guitar riffs. It’s the stonish track ever. Pay close attention to the funny lyrics.

No, I’m sorry, Supersuckers and “Play That Rock’N Roll” won’t save the world or rock. But they do guarantee some quality listening time if you are into some retro rock thing. The rock’n’roll party grip that this album imposes really means a lot though. It’s impossible not to find many qualities in the band even if you think less of retro bands. So, I say, give the guys a chance. Fun guaranteed.

Supersuckers “Play That Rock’N Roll” was released on February 07th via Steamhammer / SPV.

Track Listing:

  1.  Ain’t Gonna Stop (Until I Stop It)
  2. Getting into Each Other’s Pants
  3. Deceptive Expectation
  4. You Ain’t the Boss of Me
  5. Bringing It Back
  6. Play That Rock ‘N’ Roll
  7. That’s a Thing
  8. Last Time Again
  9. Die Alone
  10. Dead, Jail or Rock N’ Roll
  11. A Certain Girl
  12. Ain’t No Day

Watch “Ain’t Gonna Stop (Until I Stop It)” official music video here: