Superterrestrial – The Fathomless Decay Review

One of the best things of working with Metal Addicts is that we have the opportunity of knowing cutting edge Metal music. That means that we have the chances of listening to some music that we would not have any chance at all. By cutting edge Metal music I mean all kinds of projects and experiments bands and musicians do all the time moreover nowadays with the help of technology. Most albums we’ve been receiving would be impossible a few years ago. Extreme Metal has especially been a fruitful powerhouse of incredible new Metal music. The things we’ve had here are beyond any expectations. So are Superterrestrial with “The Fathomless Decay” which delivers an angry and fiercyful mix of Black Metal with space based songs. Ok, it’s not the most original combination, but it sure isn’t that common.

To some extent “The Fathomless Decay” mixes second wave Black Metal with the so moody Atmospheric Black Metal via the insane vocals and the moods and atmosphere Superterrestrial built in the album. At first with initial tracks “Dark Energy” and “Transient Lunar Phenomenon” I had the impression the album was some kind of experimental instrumental. Then, I got the impression it was one of those albums where vocalist only barks some growls – well, not very far from the truth if my dear child of the listens to “Planetesimal” where the constrats vocals versus ethereal mooding really make a sick scene. I have to say that this kind of vocals always make a stand to a person like me that is used to the great clean singing vocalists of Metal music. Pay real close attention the fulfilling drumming. Well, above all things, Black metal is here to shock.

The most awesome thing about “The Fathomless Decay” is the way Superterrestrial mix all the influences and moods in the songs. I mean, their songs really have no direction. The impression is that they could go anywhere as everything is possible. It turns out that Black Metal is still a genre that surprises. The ehteral space keyboards of “Heliacal Rising” tell this story. Againg, pay close attention to the drumming.

Superterrestrial “The Fathomless Decay” will be released on January 27th.

Track Listing:

  1. Dark Energy
  2. Transient Lunar Phenomenon
  3. Escape Velocity
  4. Solar Constant
  5. Periastron
  6. Planetismal
  7. Heliacal Rising

Watch “Planetesimal” official lyric video here: