Suzi Quatro – The Devil in Me Review


This March is really full of surprises. I lost track of how many reviews that came already written here. As I told in 2019’s No Control review, Suzi Quatro is one of my heroines. This time I didn’t skip any other album to review “The Devil in Me.” In fact, it’s right on time following the line.

This time “The Devil in Me” shows an even sexier and sassier Suzi Quatro because in the end of the album and her will to heavy rock there are some Blues and Soul drenched tracks. The outcome is something really provocative and delicious. In “Isolation Blues” Suzi Quatro shows here her Janis Joplin face and she does it real good. I guess that she does that just to remind how lascivious rock can be. The same goes to “Love’s Gone Bad” and its sexy and heartwarming sax. It doesn’t sound as a love gone bad. Really. It seems that everything was really okay, if you ask me. By the way, “The Devil in Me” sounds as an autobiography. Really.

“The Devil in Me” begins with really cool and hard Heavy Rocks as Suzi Quatro used to do in the good times. Songs with a flaming bass and heavy distorted guitars with some piano to break the heavyness a little. Pure 1970s. This goes with the four tracks to, then, the album takes the blues and soul turn and adds lots of Blues and Soul elements – dah, really. Wait a minute! Not gets elements, the album turns into a Blues and Soul album from the bluesy gospel intro “Get Outta Jail” and others. It goes like until the grand finalle with “Motor City Riders” that gets back in the line of the Heavy Rock world. And I’m not really counting the ballad “My Heart And Soul.”

Of course, I don’t expect all of my children of the night to comprehend why I insist on reviewing albums like this full of 1970s non-Metal and even non-rock references. Everyone has it fragilities, and that’s one of me. My hearing memory. I’ll elaborate. I have what may be called hearing memory. It is that music makes me remember epochs of my life. That’s what “The Devil in Me” makes to me. It reminds me the time I used to wake up really early in the morning to go to school and used to listent to the radio and all I could get was the flashbacks. Don’t know what flashback mean? Old songs whatsoever. Or when I used to go with my friends to places that used to play this kind of music. Yeah, I didn’t like them, but you now, that’s where girls are. A song like “In the Dark” makes remember that times clearly.

Suzi Quatro still rocks it, brother.

Suzi Quatro “The Devil in Me” will be released on March 26th via Steamhammer / SPV.

Track Listing:

  1. The Devil in Me
  2. Hey Queenie
  3. Betty Who?
  4. You Can‘t Dream It
  5. My Heart And Soul (long version)
  6. Get Outta Jail
  7. Do Ya Dance
  8. Isolation Blues
  9. I Sold My Soul Today
  10. Love‘s Gone Bad
  11. In the Dark
  12. Motor City Riders

Watch “The Devil in Me” official music video here: