SVARTGHAST Sign With Dusktone, New Album In The Works


Sweden cold orchestral black metal act SVARTGHAST has inked a deal with Dusktone.

Featuring former SETHERIAL member and inspired by the symphonic, atmospheric and epic sounds of 90’s black metal acts, like EMPEROR, DIMMU BORGIR and LIMBONIC ART, SVARTGHAST forge their own vision: an homage to the darkness of old.

In 2017, Azazel and Choronzon joined forces to turn their vision of black metal into music. Both members are multi-instrumentalists and well versed in music production. With backgrounds in acts like SETHERIAL, TORCHBEARER and THE CITADEL, among others, SVARTGHAST rests on a firm foundation of musical craftsmanship.

Fans can expect the debut album to be released in 2020 on Dusktone. The songs will be melodic and symphonic, yet cold and dark, created in honor of the old, yet with a modern touch.