Sweeping Death – In Lucid

“In Lucid” begins with a cool piano intro which turns out to be deceptive because it makes you think a bunch of orchestral and classic stuff is going to come. But then it’s not. Great, if I may. Sweeping Death made such a nice break of rhythm and pace. “Blues Funeral” has an attractive pace, cool vocals, guitar lines are heavy and squeaky. Guitarists gave a lot of effort to guitar lines. Riffing is great and creative. The song goes unpredictable until its end. A very good thing to find in a band. By the two first tracks, “In Lucid” promises…

Yeah, Sweeping Death fulfills the promise. Second track “Horror Infernal” is angry. Vocals are very different from  “Blues Funeral.” It is grittier, angrier, full of emotion. The pace is also faster with some welcome breaks with some drumming filling that enriches the song. Guitar phrasing is also a highlight. “Horror Infernal” is unpredictable as well. By the way, by three songs what I can tell about Sweeping Death is that it is an unpredictable band. One never knows what kind of song is going to come. I don’t have to say that for today’s bands it is a valuable effort. Of course, we can praise that for all the good instrumentalists Sweeping Death have, and to an accurate and inspired songwriting. “In Lucid” is an album that make you wait eagerly for the next musical surprise.

Another thing one can tell about Sweeping Death is that flow largely all the influences they have. Or that the band is a real democracy because to have all the changes in pace, vocals, and in songwriting, one needs to be more than creative or have lots of help. Maybe both. It’s not everyday we can see a band like that. As their peers, there are some room for some shreding in “Suicide of a Chiromantist,” where everybody has the opportunity to show how resourceful they are. And they are very talented. “Suicide of a Chiromantist” is also unpredictable. The song takes paths that we can never guess. It’s also the most ledzeppelinish of all. Vocalwise, I mean. The 1970’s vibe can be sensed in each note. Elias Witzigmann is the name of the dude. Simon Bertl and Markus Heilmeier share the guitars.

Here’s a band that do deserve the label progressive metal. The guys can make it rain! It came to my mind that “In Lucid” is only their first full-length. Wow, what else is to come?

Sweeping Death “In Lucid” will be released on October 05th.

Track Listing:

  1. Eulogue
  2. Blues Funeral
  3. Horror Infernal
  4. Suicide of a Chiromantist
  5. Purpose (Instrumental)
  6. Resonanz
  7. Antitecture
  8. Lucid Sin
  9. Stratus

Watch “Sonic Magic” official video here: