Syn Ze Sase Tri – Ultimul Lup Review

Here we’ve got a band that demands a more detailed examination. First of all, Syn Ze Sase Tri means “I Am with Triple Six” in Romanian and “Ultimul Lup” means “The Last Wolf” as the art cover confirms. For what I’ve heard here the band’s name and the album tittle do fit. Second, it’s very hard to label Syn Ze Sase Tri as a band. Their music is very complex not only musically but lyrically as well. As Deena Weinstein puts it Metal is much more than the music. It’s also the imagery, the attitude, the visual, the sonancy, and much more. “Ultimul Lup” is a combination of many traits a lots of layers and more layers ofa constant change of vocals, tempos, cadences, moods, and atmosphere. To some extent, I could compare Syn Ze Sase Tri with some other Black Metal bands I had reviewed here due to the theatrical and vaudeville content. I really don’t know if this comparison is accurate, but it’s the one I’ve got now.

The music in here could be labeled as a Black Metal opera, but there aren’t enough symphonic elements or operatic vocals. What we have here is some moments where vocals bounce. The thing is that the album sounds as if it were an opera as the musical intent goes on and on. A band that slightly addresses to the same intent and sonancy is Blood of Indigo with “Dawn of the Shaded World” reviewed here. The same epic mood without all the symphonic parts. Some passages as in “In Chip Hain” have a dramatic change of vocals from the harsh male to a clean male adding an operatic female. Musicwise, “In Chip Hain” sounds much more Power Metal than Black Metal if you ask me. Other tracks as alobum kicker “La Ispravitu Lumii” and “Urgiseala” have some long speeches. More accurately, “Urgiseala” is a speech functioning as a bridge to the fast and furious “Sub Ochi De-ntreaga Luna” this one with a bigger grip on Black Metal. The squeaky guitars in “Osanda Procletenie” are the things that call the eye immeadiately. This tracks showcases another pretty common trait in the album that is the vocal duets. This time the duet is an operatic male with a female one plus the harsh and eeirie vocals.

“Ultimul Lup” is musically complex and defying. Instrumentals aren’t that intricate but all the mix and combinations Syn Ze Sase Tri impose make the album turn into something pretty complex. My child of the night will find here some violins, keyboards, effects, and many other things. An album to listen with very close attention. It deservs it. Metal music evolves and it evolves fast.

Syn Ze Sase Tri “Ultimul Lup” will be released on September 30th via Aural Music.

Track Listing:

  1. La Ispravitu Lumii
  2. Hatri
  3. Din Om Neom
  4. In Chip Hain
  5. Urgiseala
  6. Sub Ochi De-ntreaga Luna
  7. Osanda Procletenie
  8. Blestem de Fiara
  9. Ultimul Lup
  10. Negru

Watch “Ultimul Lup” official music video here: