Syning “S/T” Review

Despair. Lots of despair. The feeling is to run away the faster you can, but the atmosphere gets dense and thick. An unearthly shadow approaches making each movement to be impossible. An overwhelming mist of misfortune surrounds the place when “Syning” is playing. The air gets heavier and denser in a way each breathe taken gets harder and harder. 

Anguish and pain slowly and painfully come toward you and there is nothing in this lonely and pathetic and sad little world that can help you get away. The feeling spawns and there’s nothing you can do.

Syning and their self-tittled album deliver all these emotions on the fan. First track “Atter Igjen Kommer Mørket Krypende” slowly delivers the ghastly mood for more than two minutes to splash over with a screaming loud and slow guitar. Time goes differently for Doom Metal bands. Syning take all advantage and slowly deliver their disgraceful unhloy verses and music to the world. Vocals are as if they’re death growls to raise the undead. If they don’t raise the dead, the upcoming thunder of guitars and drumming will. The pace gets unrest as if demons are awaking up for the call and rapidly go for soul. There’s no rest for the wicked. You feel suffocated and grasp for air but it’s useless your life has been taken.

“Et Siste Skrik” starts a bit more relentless with a guitar strumming capable of doing a lot of harm. The song goes sleazy and leisurely takes your soul as a plague. Each inch of your body decay. Each limb gets black and falls, but you’re still alive and the pain is miserable. Your head aches as ever hammering each neuron of your mind. Slowly death comes, but there’s no rest for your soul.

“Fortapt” comes. The sound and smell of rain take over the place. The sweet and mellow melody encircle you, but the fear isn’t gone. A ghastly and eerie voice emerges. You think you are alive. Is the nightmare is gone? Was it only a bad dream? A fantasy? Or not?

Syning “Syning” will be released on April 09th via Terratur Possessions.

Track Listing:

  1. Atter Igjen Kommer Mørket Krypende
  2. Et Siste Skrik
  3. Fortapt

Watch “Atter Igjen Kommer Mørket Krypende” official video here: