Syrence – Freedom in Fire

It’s funny how music labels go back and forth. I know things change, and for you that never read me, I’m in favor of change. I’m not a cranky old man that believe that the good old times were really good. But come on… right is always right. Some things don’t change, only the name of them…

Marx once said that history repeats itself as a tragedy. In a free interpretation of it, he meant that it’s impossible to recreate history as it really was just because it’s not completely known. Another deterrent to it is that when you try to recreate the past, one’s perceptions are full of the present and tend to mix them. It’s natural, just the way things are.

I say all that because Syrence with “Freedom in Fire” play a strong and big Heavy Metal with deep roots in Judas Priest – listen the intro to “Wild Time” and tell me what you feel, my hardcore Priest fan. If you kept waiting for the chorus, you felt in the same trap I did. Of course, Syrance don’t exactly sound like Judas Priest, nor they could. There are times in “Freedom in Fire” that it sounds a bit early 1980 when all that melodic catch there was back than especially when it comes to radio oriented bands. But call Syrance Hard rock is a bit too much for me. It’s okay that the first tracks sound a bit Queensrÿchesque, but remember that Queensrÿche are and have always been considered Heavy Metal even though the prog touches here and there. But never Hard Rock. The problem is that some people started to call less heavy – some call it soft – and more melodic Heavy Metal bands as Hard Rock. I won’t point any fingers. Real Hard Rock is pretty different.

It’s impossible not to notice all Judas Priest’s touches in tracks as in “Freedom in Fire” and the aforementioned. The thing is that Syrance like more melodies as in “Living on the Run” the one with Queensrÿche touches.

Just to finish, “Freedom in Fire” is one of the best albums of this New Wave Of The New Wave of British Heavy Metal. It’s strong, emotional, heavy, and melodic. Specially for you that believe than Metal can’t get any better.

Syrance “Freedom in Fire” was released on February 08th via Fastball Music.

Track Listing:

  1. Freedom in Fire
  2. Living on the Run
  3. Your War
  4. Fozzy’s Song
  5. Addicted
  6. Symphony
  7. From Ashes to the Sky
  8. Evil Force
  9. Red Gold
  10. Wild Time
  11. Kings of Speed
  12. Seven Oaks

Watch “Evil Force” official video here: