SYSTEM OF A DOWN Drummer Slams BERNIE SANDERS As A ‘Hypocrite’

SYSTEM OF A DOWN drummer John Dolmayan has slammed Sen. Bernie Sanders as a “hypocrite” after the Democratic presidential candidate rolled out a plan under which the federal government would make child care and pre-kindergarten available to all American families, with no tuition or fees.

This past Thusday (February 25), Dolmayan shared a photo of Sanders above the headline “Sanders Releases $1.5 Trillion Plan For Free, Universal Child Care” with following message: “Childcare / free , healthcare / free, university/ free. F*ck it , if everything’s going to be free and it’s all going to come from the rich anyway then why work at all?

“Why not just live off the work and profits of the rich? I’m a millionaire and so is Bernie but I only have two houses so maybe I can share this hypocrite’s ‘summer camp’.

“Don’t believe the indoctrination, don’t believe Hollywood/ music elites , and don’t believe communism disguised as democratic socialism will do anything but strip you of your freedoms and make everyone equally destitute,” he continued. “Venezuela, China, North Korea , N*zi Germany, Cambodia (Pol Pot) , Italy ( Mussolini ) , etc. It doesn’t work , it will not work , and it always leads to poverty for the working class. The same elites pushing this agenda will be well taken care of while the rest of the people starve.”

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