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Gojira Fortitude

Gojira – Fortitude (Review)

When it comes to bands that have been relevant for some time but have only recently busted through to the ears of many more...
Grab The Inevitable Filth of Mankind

Grab – The Inevitable Filth of Mankind (Review)

For some time now, there has been quite a select but very talented cast of characters that have been making the Greek black metal...
Dodsferd Skotos

Dødsferd – Skotos (Review)

Should you know even a shred about Greek black metal, then the name of Dødsferd should be one that you're extremely familiar with. The name...
Syning S/T Review

Syning “S/T” Review

Despair. Lots of despair. The feeling is to run away the faster you can, but the atmosphere gets dense and thick. An unearthly shadow...
Crisis of Faith

Sirakh – Crisis of Faith Review

An exquisite album. It's really hard how to explain how an album can attract me. De rigueur, this album could never attract me. It's...