Massacre 2023

American death metal legends MASSACRE (established in 1984) have signed a record deal with Agonia Records for the release of the band’s 5th studio album, which is currently being worked on by frontman/vocalist Kam Lee (ex-MANTAS, …

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MASSACRE Releases New EP ‘Mythos’

Massacre Promo photo 2021

Floridian death metal juggernauts, MASSACRE have released their new EP Mythos, today via Nuclear Blast. MASSACRE rose from the swamps of Southern Florida in the early 80’s during a heatwave of groundbreaking death metal that produced some of …

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MASSACRE’S ‘Resurgence’

Florida-based death metal legends Massacre are back! Featuring the very same creatures that appeared on the “Chamber of Ages” (1986) demo, as well as some of death metal’s most prolific …

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MASSACRE Announce New Line-Up

Kam Lee

Florida death metal veterans MASSACRE has just announced new line*up. Band says in a statement announcing new additions: “WHO IS READY FOR REAL OLD SCHOOL DEATH METAL!!!?We promised you new …

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