SODOM To Release ‘Bombenhagel’

Sodom band 2020

Following yet more official appreciation, as acknowledged by the presentation of the German Record Critics’ Award, for their current album “Genesis XIX” (having garnered the prize once before with its …

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Sodom – Bombenhagel Review

‘The EP will be released anyway, as a sign of life. As a signal to our fans: We’re still around!’ That’s frontman Tom Angelripper’s point on releasing an EP after …

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SODOM And ‘Genesis XIX’

Sodom 2020

Altenessen, a social melting-pot deep in the heart of the Ruhr Area. From the mid-19th century, the region supplied Europe’s industrialisation with the required raw materials, mined under back-breaking conditions below …

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Sodom – Genesis XIX Review

I begin this review saying that sometimes it is great to be proven wrong. That sometimes the most wondrous thing in this lonely and sad and pathetic world is to …

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