TALES AND LEGENDS Unveil Details About New Album ‘Struggle Of The Gods’

Italian power metal band TALES AND LEGENDS, formed by Swedish singer Patrik J. Selleby (Bloodbound, Shadowquest), Andrea Atzori (keyboards), Carlo Figus (guitars), Michele Sanna (drums) and Nicola Piras (bass) , unveil new details of the debut album Struggle Of The Gods.

The songs will tell about the legends and the myth of Set and Horus and expecially about an epic and fantastic adventure lived by the Hawk God, who on his way, will meet the Greek Artemis and the great gods of Norse mythology.

The complete tracklist, slowly revealed, week by week, on the band’s official pages reveals the 11 songs that will be part of the album.

Struggle Of The Gods Tracklisting:
1. Divine Creation
2. Epic Ride of Horus
3. The Fighters
4. Tales and Legends
5. Holy Temple
6. Land of Thunder
7. The Seven Gates
8. Return to Fly
9. Flames of the Fire
10. United Against the Enemy
11. Struggle of the Gods

Carlo Figus reveals that the music written by Andrea and arranged by him and Andrea himself releases a great epicness and the melodies and lyrics are really consistent with the journey of Horus told in the concept.

Many the guest too, such as Leo Figaro (MinstreliX), Gabriele Crisafulli (Gabriels), Fabio Garau (Grimmgots), Antonello Giliberto, Andres Nuñez, Roma Li, Bruno Corpino.

The cover artwork has been entrusted to Andrea Piparo who, according to the whole band and the insiders, made a true masterpiece.

Andrea Atzori, who commissioned the work, says he’s extremely enthusiastic about the final result as the artist has managed to represent in drawing what the band expresses in music.