Tamuya Thrash Tribe – The Last of the Guaranis

Big name for a big band. With all due the respect I have to the bands I’ve reviewed here, Tamuya Thrash Tribe with “The Last of the Guaranis” is the band with the most creative proposal. In terms of music as well. The very first thrash band which dares to show a very brand new intent. Anyway to label them as thrash is too simple for what Tamuya Thrash Tribe have to show. However, their intent is not that new, the music they make it is. Of course there are a lot of thrash in their music, but, in fact, they go beyond mixing regional elements. If I were to name them properly I’d say they are a folk thrash band. I guess it fits them much better.

As a social event, Tamuya Thrash Tribe is kind of a revenge. The revenge of the poor and forgotten people of all the world. They sing the pain and agony of the indigeneous people who were slaughtered and murdered. A kind of musical guardian angel. That’s what one feels with their music. Though they are connected with the guaranis, an ancient brazilian people, they do give voice to many more. A band that really fight for a cause. And their cause is the oppressed. Does anybody know anything more Metal than stand against oppression? I don’t.

As a musical event, as I told before, Tamuya Thrash Tribe go beyond their own name. It’s impossible to refer to them as only thrash. Exciting, vibrant, colorful. That’s how Tamuya Thrash Tribe music is. Many tried to mix many musical references as Tamuya Thrash Tribe did. But failed miserably. Bottomline, bands mix strength when blending to other unusual and distant kinds of music. But Tamuya Thrash Tribe got it. But still, they thrash a lot.

Track Listing:

  1. Oreru Nhamandu Tupã Oreru (Guarani Mbya Children Choir)
  2. The Voice of Nhanderu
  3. Brado de Xangô (feat. Gleyds Granden)
  4. Senzala / Favela (feat. Marcelo D2)
  5. The Last Ball of the Empire
  6. The Last of the Guaranis
  7. Vinte e Cinco (feat. João Cavalcanti)
  8. Violence and Blood (feat. João Cavalcanti)
  9. A Call from Xapuri
  10. The Conjuration (Martyr)
  11. Urutau’s Cry
  12. Hàhé’m (feat Zahy Guajajara)

Watch “The Voice of Nhanderu” official lyric video here:

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