Tanzwut Release ‘Seemannsgarn’

With their new album, TANZWUT spin fantastic stories out of delicately woven “Seemannsgarn” (sailor’s yarn). An exciting journey into the world of fantasy, poets, musicians, artists and puppeteers. Teufel and his band carry off into a world of fiction and reality and provides a vibrant setting for all the different shades of the told stories.
There is nothing more exciting than minstrels, musicians, jugglers or seafarers meeting in a shady bar and telling stories you want to listen to over and over again. That is why TANZWUT pull all stops: Hard guitar riffs meet the heavy sound of bagpipes. Their songs tell stories about inconvenient truths, human abysms, passion and the desire for love as well as the human greed that hasn’t changed for thousands of years.
Twenty years after their first release TANZWUT go on thrilling the German speaking musical landscape and present their most mature album so far. From the beginning, the band, influencing the whole medieval music for years, stands for an impressive sound with heavy guitars and bagpipes on stage. Teamed with slightly electronic impacts, TANZWUT are a
versatile band having its home not only on medieval markets but also in the European clubs and big festival stages.
Within the last two and a half years there have come about thirteen new songs: With “Seemannsgarn” TANZWUT presents a wide musical diversity, drawing the line between soft ballads and heavy German Rock songs. The influence of Folk and medieval music still creates the nostalgic feeling of the old days when TANZWUT started their journey on the road.
The band created a wide-rand work around their whole creation:
Whereas “Seemannsgarn” directly ties up to the slightly haunted mood of the devil’s contract from “Schreib es mit Blut,”
TANZWUT surprise with “Galgenvögel”: Harsh metal riffs create a menacing atmosphere, the dark voice of Teufel rolls thundering across the storm of guitars and drums. It is a wide gap filled up with smooth and delicate song like the ballad “Ich bin der Nachtwind” with its soft guitar picking. Instruments like cister, nyckelharpa and bandoneon are spin around the story of poet Francois Villon who met the devil in persona right in a small street in Paris. The “Puppenspieler” is a rock anthem about
the third dimension of TANZWUT – the marionette game.
Last, the guest singer really fits the new concept of TANZWUT pretty well: KÄRBHOLZ features the band on their song “Gib mir noch ein Glas” – an anthem about life, friendship and long nights.
With such a high hit potential and so many different impressions TANZWUT set up for a new album with the chance to challenge the scene’s foundation. On Wave Gotik Festival there will be an exclusive Release Party in Dark flower in Leipzig on 8th of June.
“Seemannsgarn” will be released on 7th of June. This summer, TANZWUT is going to present the album on diverse festival shows like Wacken Open Air, before the band hits the road in autumn 2019 for their “Seemannsgarn” tournee. The tour supports are Harpyie and Null Positiv.

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