Tanzwut – Seemannsgarn

What makes a good Metal album? Adding to that: what makes a good Metal song? Or even: what makes a good Metal band?

The answers may vary a lot depending on the fan, on what kind of Metal he/she likes, age, and many other characteristics. But we all agree that Metal music needs some sort of aggression, roughness, and even unpoliteness just because Metal is the rebellion of the rebellion. In some extreme cases being the rebellion of the rebellion makes someone conservative, but this is an exception. Metal is supposed to be extremely – mark these words – against any kind of establishment.

Regarding to songs, to many a good song must have a great chorus, some kind of rhythm and, most important of all, raise emotions. I know that this may vary as well because some Extreme Metal fans don’t like songs with chorus. That’s the reason there are bands that write songs without any kind of chorus or related effect. The answer to that is for some chorus are too commercial, or they are considered to soften the songs. well, as a matter of fact, I like both. Of course, I appreciate a good chorus, that one that makes one sings along, that you absolutelly can’t wipe it off your mind for some time.

When it comes to Folk Metal, and especially to Tanzwut “Seemannsgarn,” if anyone asks me what’s the thing the calls my attention the most into Folk Metal I’d say that it’s the odd uncanny ancient instruments. In “Seemannsgarn” it’s possible to hear th cister, nyckelharpa and bandoneon, all instruments of the rich and ancient German folk musical tradition. But I guess Metal rules here don’t completely apply because Folk Metal brings some kind of tradition, and with it, some kind of different and permanent emotion. Folk Metal is the right place for emotion in Metal, you know what I mean. Tanzwut “Seemannsgarn” is full of them.

Coming again to choruses, it’s funny to mention that it took me about one week to write this review, and some hours of listening to “Seemannsgarn.” For my surprise, I woke one day with “Seemannsgarn” in my head with its beautiful and delicate textures.

Tanzwut “Seemannsgarn” feels like home, if you know what I mean. Their songs are warm and cozy as your parents house with all the smells and colors of it. Songs to hear calmlywith a good book, some wine and a great company.

Tanzwut “Seemannsgarn” was reelased on June 07th via AFM Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Seemannsgarn
  2. Galgenvoegel
  3. Reden ist Silber
  4. Die letzte Schlacht
  5. Schwarzes Gold
  6. Ich Bin Der Nachtwind
  7. Der Puppenspieler
  8. Francois Villon
  9. Das Gewissen
  10. Schmiede Das Eisen
  11. Gib Mir Noch Ein Glas
  12. Im Freien Fall
  13. Herrenlos Und Frei
  14. Gib Mir Noch Ein Glas (feat. Kärbholz)

Watch “Seemannsgarn” official music video here: