TAYLOR HAWKINS’ Death May Be Drugs-Related, Says Colombian Police

Taylor Hawkins

Colombian police says the death of FOO FIGHTERS drummer Taylor Hawkins, who passed away in a hotel room in Bogota, Colombia may be drug-related, police say.

The Metropolitan Police of Bogota said in a statement: “The cause of death has yet to be established.

“According to those close to him, the death could be related to the consumption of drugs.”

Local reports said hotel staff called the emergency services after Hawkins suffered chest pains but he was already dead by the time medical responders arrived. FOO FIGHTERS had been scheduled to play at a concert in the Colombian capital.

Hawkins had openly discussed his drug and overdose struggles years before what the band called his ‘tragic and untimely’ death.

Back in 2001, Hawkins overdosed on h*roin and landed in a weeks-long coma — just four years after joining the FOO FIGHTERS.

In a 2021 interview with Kerrang!Hawkins shared the details of that experience.

He said at the time: “Everyone has their own path and I took it too far. I was partying in London one night, and I mistakenly did something and it changed everything.

“I believed the bull***t myth of live hard and fast, die young. I’m not here to preach about not doing drugs, because I loved doing drugs, but I just got out of control for a while and it almost got me.

“I was heading down a road that was going to lead to even worse paths. Whether someone’s sober, or they like a glass of wine with dinner, or they want a bottle of Jägermeister before they go on stage, or they like to smoke doobies all day long, everyone has their own path, and I took it too far.

“I’m glad it got knocked on the head at that point. I wouldn’t take anything away that I’ve done or been through either, because it’s all part of the trip and the journey. I’m trying to be as candid as I can be.”