Ted Nugent

During a recent appearance on “London Real”Ted Nugent once again praised President Donald Trump.

When asked why is he such big Trump supporter, he responded: “Donald Trump was sent here by God. Just like our founding fathers were touched by divine intervention… Because man was not created to live under the control of kings and emperors and tyrants. We need to shoot the kings and the emperors and the tyrants. They’re bad people. They think they have authority over free people, and they’re wrong.

Donald Trump was sent here to prove that we the people identify the negativity of the status quo, we are more than aware of the criminal corruption and abuse of power just rampant in the Democratic party and all too often acceptable in the Republican party,” he continued. “And Donald Trump came along with his middle finger on fire, ’cause he was not presidential. ‘Cause we didn’t want presidential, because all those punks that came before him were presidential and they wrecked everything. And I could go into gory detail, but I would like to think that everybody is well aware of the evidence.

“The taxation without representation, the refusal to be accountable with our hard-earned tax dollars, the open and glaring examples of giving it to Planned Parenthood. It’s not for health care — it’s to pay for people’s abortions that we don’t believe in. If you want an abortion, buy one, but don’t charge me. Not to mention that Planned Parenthood is a left-wing organization that donates gazillions of dollars to left-wing communist candidates, which you can’t force me to pay for — but they do!

“So we said, ‘F*ck you. I like this Donald Trump sh*t-kicker,” Nugent added. “Let’s put him in charge. Let him manage it like a business.’ That’s what life is — it’s a business. You have to manage it based on productivity, capabilities, compensatory reverence for those who are producing, and the inspiration for those who aren’t producing to get off their lazy asses and start producing.”