TED NUGENT: ‘Manufactured Fake Racism’ Will Become ‘The #1 Issue In America’ Under President JOE BIDEN

Ted Nugent Facebook Live 2020

Ted Nugent predicts that the Joe Biden presidency will result in a rise in unemployment and “manufactured fake racism” becoming “the #1 issue in America.”

Outspoken conservative rocker took to his Facebook to write: “Nuge Predictions on Impacts of Biden presidency: unemployment rises, energy and food costs soar, real wages shrink, freedoms are severely restricted or lost, membership in the NRA & GOA rises, gun & ammo sales soar, gangsters continue to slay other gangsters in Chicago, America becomes much more dependent on foreign energy, the Chinese and Russians play chess against America while Biden‘s team plays tiddlywinks, a malaise smothers the country, interest rates rise, the select rich get richer while the poor become poorer, excuse-making and blaming others is standard operating procedure, manufactured fake racism is the #1 issue in America, illegals become U.S. citizens, bloodsuckers outnumber producers, Hunter Biden isn’t investigated, and yours truly turns up my We The People freedom hellraising to all new heights. welcome to Zimbabwe.”

Nugent has repeatedly claimed that “there is no such thing in America as systemic racism,” and has dismissed suggestions that a now-former Minneapolis police officer was responsible for killing George Floyd last May by holding his knee to the 46-year-old black man’s neck for more than nine minutes.

George Floyd killed himself with fentanyl,” Ted previously said. “The cops were trying to subdue a violent, arrest-resisting thug who was dying because of his fentanyl lifestyle.”