TED NUGENT: ‘President DONALD TRUMP Titled My New Record’

Ted Nugent

During a Facebook Live stream on Saturday, Ted Nugent discussed his plans for his next studio album.

Insisting that he loves making music more than ever, Nugent said: “I play my guitar every day. I love what I’m doing. I love my new songs.

“A lot of people go, ‘How come you don’t make albums?’ Two years ago, 2019, I made a killer record. It’s called The Music Made Me Do It. [The album actually came out in November 2018.] It’s got monster, killer songs on it. But there’s no music industry. You’ve gotta be some dirtbag on parole, singing garbage pop music, or what they call country music, [which] isn’t even really country music; it’s pop music —like cartoon music. I can’t stand the new music.

He continued: “I like soulful, high-energy, defiant, sexy, grinding rhythm-and-blues rock and roll. And me and Greg Smith and Jason Hartless, we still make that sh*t. And we’re gonna do another record coming up in May and June.

President Donald Trump titled my new record. My new record will be called Ted Nugent Handsome Devil.”