TED NUGENT Says JOE BIDEN Is ‘Painfully Deranged In A Mental Capacity’

Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent was interviewed by President Donald Trump campaign’s “Real News Insights” series with host Lara Trump, the president’s daughter-in-law.

While speaking about the peaceful demonstrations and violent riots that have erupted across the country in response to police brutality and the killings of George FloydBreonna Taylor and Ahmaud ArberyNugent said: “Donald Trump came in with a crowbar attacking the toxic status quo that incrementally put us in this embarrassing and dangerous condition where literally the left has morphed into a anti-law-and-order, anti-safe-street and anti-secure-neighborhood insanity.

“So the frustration and the anger that people share with me across this country,” he continued. “Number one, we’re heartbroken that arson and assault and murder and terrorism is allowed, even welcomed, into places like Seattle and around the country. But equal to that hearbreak is the confidence and hope that we do have a president that knows that the American Dream and quality of life itself pivots upon law and order. And I don’t care what anybody’s saying out there.

“I’ve been a sheriff deputy in Lake County, Michigan since 1982. “I’ve conducted raids with federal agents, U.S. marshalls, the F.B.I. — the good F.B.I. guys; there are some, by the way — and I have not just an American Dream connection with these heroes of law enforcement, but they also share their frustration. And they do God’s work 99.99 percent of the time. And horrifically, also, the Democrat policy of union excuse making, excusing abuse of power and oath violating by certain rogue cops, it has been allowed, therefore encouraged.

“So, there’s two points. Number one, good American families know that our lives depend on secure neighborhoods and streets, and we revere law enforcement and first responders. And we are aghast that [New York City Mayor Billde Blasio allowed that to happen, and Seattle allowed that to happen. So, we pray for the great president Donald Trump and the law enforcement heroes, and we know that this, too, shall pass.”

When asked how he thinks Joe Biden‘s “embrace of radical socialism would impact our freedom if, God forbid, he became president,” Nugent replied: “Well, let me also share the pulse of my fellow good Americans. Ted Nugent, I’m gonna do a benefit concert and try and buy Joe Biden a syllable.

“This guy is not only painfully deranged in a mental capacity but much more egregious and dangerous than that, we believe that he’s deranged on a spiritual level,” Ted added. “He is the poster child for hypocrisy. He is the poster child for political wind reading — he literally will go with whatever pandering will serve his purpose on this day and then counter that pandering for this crew on that day. So we know how this guy operates.”