TED NUGENT Says Vegans Are ‘Responsible’ For The Most Animal Deaths

Ted Nugent

In a new interviewed on the 96.1 KLPX radio station, Ted Nugent said that vegans are “responsible” for “the most death possible” because millions of animals are killed every year to prepare land for growing crops, like corn, soybean, wheat and barley, the staples of a vegan diet.

“If you wanna be responsible for the most death possible, become a vegan,” Ted said. “Because behind that tractor and that plough and that disc, unless you hide and deny it, are crows and seagulls following that tractor growing your tofu because the plough and the disc dismember and mutilate everything in those gazillion acres — every squirrel, every ground-nesting gopher, every ground-nesting bird, every snake, every turtle, every animal in that field that’s turned into tofu is slaughtered by the gazillion.”

“I’ll never forget, this guy said, “Well, we’re going to a vineyard to protest hunting.’ And I go, ‘Wait a second. Do you know the vineyard operator? Because I do. And you know what the vineyard operator does to protect those grapes? He kills everything — everything that sneaks in, everything that walks in, everything that flies in. The vineyard operator, to grow your wine, to protest hunting, kills everything that threatens those grapes, you jerk.’

“My son’s a vegan, my buddy Michael Lutz [of] BROWNSVILLE STATION, my co-producer, he’s a vegan for health considerations, for digestive considerations,” he continued. “That’s perfectly legitimate. I’m not knocking veganism. But don’t think for a minute that there’s a reduction in animal deaths because you have a tofu salad. Just the opposite takes place. And denial is such a convenient lie. So all you vegans, just keep eating your vegan salad because I love when you dismember all those animals and the crows and the seagulls pick up on them as they’re writhing in horror and being tortured so you can have a nice ‘blood-free’ salad.”