TED NUGENT: ‘The Devils Are About To Take Control Of America’

Ted Nugent Facebook Live 2020

Ted Nugent has reacted to the news that Joe Biden has become the new president of the United States.

Nugent, took part in a Facebook Live where he said he was “celebrating a very positive November 7th” because he just “killed a beautiful buck.”

“I know it’s difficult to understand how I can be so fun-loving on a day when the devils are about to take control of America,” he later added.

Joe Biden and [vice-president-elect] Kamala Harris, they represent the devil. There is no Democrat party. It’s now the Marxist devil party. And if you motherf*ckers think you’re coming to take our guns, if you think that years of law enforcement — some of ’em are numbn*ts, but the majority of ’em will live by their constitutional oath. And Devil Joe and Devil Kamala can sign all the executive orders they want, but you’re not gonna take our guns — period.

“So, God bless America. Godd*mn the Marxists.” See, Marxism isn’t about individual choice. Marxism is about the banning of individual choice.”

“You’re not gonna take our guns. Case closed. Case closed,” Ted continued. “Everybody, call your mayor. He won’t answer, but leave a message. Get the name of the person who takes the message. And tell the person who takes the message for the mayor, and tell the person who takes your message for your governor, when you call the governor, and tell the person who takes your message when you call your senator and your congressman, take down their names and tell them that you’re gonna remember their names, that you wrote it down and you wrote down the time and date that you called.

“Everybody, call their mayor and their governor, their senator and their congressman and tell them we stand with Donald Trump. Call your mayor and your congressman and your senator and your governor and tell them, ‘You’re not taking our guns.’ We will not surrender our guns. Call them and tell them that. Oh, man. What a scam.”