TED NUGENT: ‘There Isn’t A Gun Problem In America’

Ted Nugent Facebook Live 2020

During his 12 July YouTube livestream Ted Nugent said that recidivism is to blame for the recent rise in violent crime and gun violence in America.

“Dallas, Texas — shame on you. Same law as San Francisco and L.A.: if you steal under $950 worth of merchandise from a business, they won’t prosecute you. This is insanity,” Hugent said. “‘Crime’s out of control.’ Because you’re rewarding criminal behavior. They don’t prosecute people caught with guns in Chicago or Detroit or New York or New Jersey or California — they don’t prosecute people violating one of the thousands of gun laws, but the next gun law’s gonna stop ’em.

“Bad guys need to be locked up. If they shoot or stab people, I don’t care if they even miss, that’s a dangerous, vicious, evil act. We don’t want people capable of dangerous, vicious, evil acts walking our streets. We want them either dead or in a cage — forever.

“We’re living in engineered recidivism,” Nugent continued. “The failed court system, the crime-celebrating prosecutors and attorneys are engineering recidivism. Ninety-six percent of violent crimes are committed by people that were let out for violent crimes. Here’s a little guitar player idea: don’t let ’em out.

“There isn’t a gun problem in America. There is an intentional engineered recidivism problem in America. You wanna stop ninety-six percent of the violent crimes. Don’t let ’em out.”

In 2020, homicides spiked by 30% over the previous year, according to data provided by the White House. In the first quarter of this year, the nationwide homicide rate was 24% higher than it was in the same period of 2020 and 49% higher than two years ago.