TED NUGENT To DEE SNIDER: ‘When You’re Ready To Be A Man And Apologize, I Will Expect And Accept Your Apology’

Ted Nugent Dee Snider

Ted Nugent has slammed Dee Snider for celebrating the fact that the controversial rocker was diagnosed with coronavirus.

After Nugent went public with the fact that he was battling COVID-19 in April, TESTAMENT‘s Alex Skolnick shared a couple of headlines highlighting the fact that Nugent was previously spreading false information about the pandemic, only to contract the virus himself and become severely sick. 

Snider, who tested positive for COVID-19 this past summer, shared Skolnick‘s tweet and included the following message: “It’s just…so…beautiful!”

Now, in a new interview with Sofa King Cool, Nugent was asked about Snider‘s comment, to which he said: “What is that thought process? [Dee] and I have been friends. What horrible human impulse — horrible, rotten, hateful, soulless impulse — must exist in horrible people to take pleasure and celebrate a fellow man’s illness. It went viral across the globe where the left said I got what I deserved. How did I deserve that? ‘Well, you called it a hoax.’ I never, ever used the ‘H’ word. I never used word ‘hoax’; I never called it a hoax. I called [top infectious diseases doctor AnthonyFauci a scam artist. I called [House Speaker NancyPelosiFauci and Obama at the Wuhan lab with our tax dollars to cultivate a communist Chinese weaponized virus? That’s not a Ted Nugent supposition. We have the footage. And they took glee.

Nugent continued: “A guy like Dee Snider — how can you abandon your humanity and take pleasure in another person’s sickness? What a horrible, horrible manifestation of societal human abandonment. So, I pray for the Dee Sniders to allow themselves to be that rotten. I expect Marxists and leftists, but not a Dee Snider and not otherwise reasonably decent people, ’cause he’s a good guy. But, boy, he really showed a rotten, horrible side when he did that. And it didn’t impact me at all because I know that there’s always been bad, nasty people.

“So, if Dee Snider‘s watchin, Dee — I think it was a hiccup; I don’t think that’s what you are. “But when you’re ready to be a man and apologize, I will expect and accept your apology, because that was a rotten moment in an otherwise nice life. How do you just decide to be a prick one day? It’s sad.”