Teen Activist GRETA THUNBERG: ‘I Have Moved On From This Climate Thing, From Now On I Will Be Doing Death Metal Only!!’

Last week, Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg, gave a heartbreaking speech at U.N. Climate Summit condemning politicians for neglecting the threat of global warming.

Not long after that, YouTuber John Meredith, also drummer for the New York metal band SUAKA, turned her speech into a Swedish Death Metal song.

Meredith told Rolling Stone he created the clip because he was “very impressed” by Greta‘s “passion and outrage. And the words she chose just evoked the darkness of the metal music I love: ENTOMBEDGOJIRAAT THE GATESSEPULTURA,” he said.

“I guess I didn’t really have a specific intent other than to turn her brutal words into a metal song,” he added.

Well, now Thunberg shared Meredith‘s video on her Twitter with following message: “I have moved on from this climate thing… From now on I will be doing death metal only!!”