Temple of Dread – World Sacrifice

When we reviewed Temple of Dread’s 2019’s effort I reinforced my opinion that the main drive force of Metal is its power and energy, so frentic and insanely fast cadences and tempos are more likely to be saluted as Metal than others. Of course, I don’t mean there shouldn’t be moody and atmospheric songs in Metal music, on the contrary, they are needed because they show another facete of Metal music. However, musical – only musical, okay! – violence and force are the pivotal essence of Metal. I’ll willingly avoid the word true because it is so problematic to deal with. Truth is that truth varies as historian Paul Veyne once said.

In “World Sacrifice” Temple of Dread continues their mission of taking the world with their fiery old school Death Metal. Slow and moody parts are only to break the ice as the storm before the calm – ops! “World Sacrifice” is fast, ferocious and deadly as Death Metal should be. So, if you are in the mood for some insanely fast-paced guitar riffing, thunderous basses and speed-of-light drumming, be my guest. This album is just for you.

The spanking starts for the beginning – of course! – with tittle track “World Sacrifice” just to remind us what Temple of Dread are all about. The bloody riffing easies Death Metal gods thirst for blood. A highlight to the full of effects and whammy bar guitar solo. Just the way we love it plus the breathtaking chorus. The beginning of “Commands from a Black Soul” chills out a little, but just for a few moments because the spanking starts with no remorse or regrets as if the band were obbeying to its own words. Well, in some ways, I guess they really are. Once in a while, the band shows that a little mooding and atmospheric passages as okay and have to be part of their as “Enforcers of the Vile” shows the fan. But pay attention, the main drive of the song is the ferocious mooding. The same happens with following “Symbiotic Delusion” that uses the same repertoire of moods.

“World Sacrifice” is strongly recommende to old school Death Metal fans and for all fans of vivious Metal music all over this globe – well, some think it is plane, but, whatever…

“World Sacrifice” Temple of Dread will be released on July 24th via Testimony Records.

Track Listing:

  1. World Sacrifice
  2. Commands from a Black Soul
  3. Enforcers of the Vile
  4. Symbiotic Delusion
  5. Machine
  6. Alive I Rot
  7. Dedication
  8. Sold Baptism (Morgoth Cover)
  9. Blood Craving Mantra

Watch “World Sacrifice” official single video here: