TERAMAZE and the ‘Flight of the Wounded’

TERAMAZE are Australia’s premier Progressive Metal band, fronted by guitarist, lead vocalist and band founder Dean Wells, alongside guitarist Chris Zoupa, bassist Andrew Cameron and drummer Nick Ross.
During the 12 month period from October 2020 to October 2021, the band produced 3 full length albums during a lengthy lockdown period. These albums were “I Wonder,” “Sorella Minore” and “And The Beauty They Perceive,” all featuring Dean Wells as the band’s new lead vocalist. All 3 albums were embraced by fans, superfans and prog metal aficionados.
In 2022, lockdowns ceased and the band is now rehearsing and playing live again. They have recently finished work on their 10th album “Flight of the Wounded.”
In a recent interview about the album, Wells stated: “‘Flight of the Wounded’ is our tenth album and is quite possibly our strongest body of work date. From start to finish, from track to track, there really is no filler. Like everything we’ve ever released, on this album we have poured our everything into every song and left no stone unturned. I’ve always been meticulous about getting the mixes perfect and finding the right guitar and synth sounds. As a band, we always strive to make every song sound as good as it possibly can. This album will also be my fourth where I am the band’s lead vocalist. I am always trying to one up myself from one album to the next. I definitely tried a few new approaches to writing and singing that I hadn’t on previous albums. I tried making my lyric deliveries as strong or as vulnerable as possible, as well as experimenting with the more gravely tones in my voice. I really pushed myself as vocalist and I think the fans will not be disappointed. This album is like nothing we’ve release before. It’s going to be a really challenging album to sing live, but we can’t wait to actually tour this album, nationally and hopefully worldwide.”
“Flight of the Wounded” will be the band’s 10th studio album and the 4th with Wells as the frontman, taking on all lead vocal duties. The fans have welcomed him as the face and sound of the current incarnation of TERAMAZE. With the prolific rate that they produce music… and no sign of slowing down, it’s likely we’ll be hearing more music from TERAMAZE in the not too distant future.

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