Teramaze – Eli: A Wonderful Fall from Grace Review

There are three pieces about Teramaze and “Eli: A Wonderful Fall from Grace” that I want to go through in separate because I guess my dear child of the night will get it better.

First of them would be the positive presence of the band here at these pages. In times of a liquid reality, as Bawman defined it, if a band recording an album is getting difficult; a band recording a series of albums is more and more difficult. To record an album is getting difficult because the album culture is fading away as many artists rather record singles. The changes inside the industry made it almost a dinosaur. A series of albums is a thing of veteran bands who are used to them, and, most notably, one of the characteristics that makes Metal music stand out from the crowd because the album culture is very, but very important to Metal music. So, having 2021’s “And the Beauty They Perceive” and 2022’s “Flight of the Wounded” reviewed here is somehow a not so common thing.

Ok, second, Teramaze aren’t the kind of band I would listen in my player. I said that before and I say it now. The self-declared genre of Prog Metal didn’t convince me before. And “Eli: A Wonderful Fall from Grace”  didn’t convince me either. Too sugared, too poppy, too modern. However, it’s not the pop or the sugar that bother me, it’s the modern features. I’m used to having some sugar in my bands. If memory serves my dear child of the night right I’m the one who likes Hard Rock and Glam Metal. But modern Metal features only in a very specific situation. Even more with a vocalist that sometimes reminds me of the guy of A-Ha…

Third, and last, but not the least. I was caught by the guitars. Each intervention of the guitar duo Dean Wells – one of the band’s founder members – and Chris Zoupa gave me the thrills. It’s not the way the write the leads, it’s also the acoustic guitars of “The Will of Eli” plus the wah effect. While vocals led them to a more pop grip, the leads, and most notably, the length of them took them out of the pop direction putting them back into the Prog Metal avenue where I think they should stay.

Teramaze “Eli: A Wonderful Fall from Grace” will be released on May 24th.

Track Listing:

  1. A Place Called Halo
  2. The Will of Eli
  3. Step Right Up
  4. I Mantissa
  5. Madam Roma
  6. Standing Ovation
  7. Hands Are Tied
  8. A Wonderful Fall from Grace

Watch official music video here: