Teramaze – Flight of the Wounded Review

I said many times here that albums they seem to come in hoards. It’s not only about the quantities, but also about the Metal subgenres they come. Only one album seem to open the floodgates of many more albums of the same strain. Before writing any more about this I have make a connection with the way I choose albums to write about. Well, in fact, de rigueur, I don’t have a method. Or, per chance, I do have a method, but it would random. I got attracted to bands for many reasons when I receive their EPK. It can be the cover, it can be the name of the band, it can be the album tittle, it can be anything. I chose Teramaze with “Flight of the Wounded” after writing about Even Flow and “Mediterraneo” because of the band’s name. Now back to the hoards. Even Flow seem to have opened the Prog Metal floodgate I mentioned now with Teramaze with “Flight of the Wounded.”

After some consideration about the band’s name something triggered my memory and I went to check the band at Metal Addicts’ database. It happens that I have reviewed the band’s 2021’s album “And the Beauty They Perceive.” Memory is such a thing. If memory serves me right, as I recall it “Flight of the Wounded” sounds a bit different from “And the Beauty They Perceive.” Back then I wrote that Teramaze’s music was too sugared. Well, now I see the bands Prog Metal influences here in “Flight of the Wounded” and they aren’t that sugared. Ok, just a little bit as “Dangerous Me” showcases with its sticky chorus and the keyboards and pianos. The impression I got is that the album goes pouring sugar each track as album opener and tittle track “Flight of the Wounded” sounded pretty Prog Metal to me. Not the story that penultimate track “Battle” tells being much more Hair Metal related. Fun fact is that album grand finale “In the Ruins of Angels” brought me all the memories I had about the previous album being related to Def Lepard’s “Hysteria.” 

The band’s idea to the album cover is fantastic. It is a world upside down whatever does it mean. Connecting the dots from what I’ve said about the music in the album it makes a lot of sense. It starts pretty much Prog Metal to then goes pouring sugar and sugar until it gets a Hair Prog Metal, if this exists. Ok, as I said in the previous album review, I do like sugared albums. Just a thought though.

Teramaze “Flight of the Wounded” will be released on October 06th via Wells Music.

Track Listing:

  1. Flight of the Wounded
  2. Gold
  3. The Thieves Are out
  4. Until the Lights
  5. Ticket to the Next Apocalypse
  6. For the Thrill
  7. Dangerous Me
  8. Battle
  9. In the Ruins of Angels

Watch “The Thieves Are out” official music video: