Terror – Total Retaliation

Yeah, my child of the night. The music world sometimes play you tricks. If you don’t want to have an unpleasant surprise, don’t begin to listen to Terror “Total Retaliation” by the title track. You won’t like it, I mean it. I’ll explain later. Read this review until the end. Not a trick to make you read it all… Or, maybe, is it?

Well, that put, let’s begin with Terror “Total Retaliation” for real. After reviewing Sodom “Partisan” I thought it would be cool to review something related. As I had Terror in my workstation, I decided it would be the right call. Yeah, I was the hell right. Terror are a hardcore band, but as everything in this world, Terror are also under the laws of evolution, so is hardcore. For you and me who are familiar with the world of extreme music, Terror sound pretty modern. As modern as a hardcore band can be. The thing is that Terror did a different path their peers did in the 1980s. Instead of approaching to pop music, Terror approached to Extreme Metal. That was the right call. Guitars are so very near extreme bands we all are used to listen to. That’s because Terror’s music is riff-oriented, as metal band’s is. “Total Retaliation” has great and strong guitar riffing.

But Terror kept all the interesting things hardcore has, and those are the power, the punch, and the debauchee. Scott Vogel vocals are gritty and with all the angry and fury a hardcore vocalist must have with all the military-like chorus as cries of order – I guess we’ve forgotten those. Some bass lines are also in the hardcore midst. Not to mention the lyrics which are barely two minutes long. That’s the spirit. Anyway, music-wise, Terror are very near their Californian hardcore neighbors, it means, more near crossover than hardcore exactly.

A great album to listen when you are in the need of something with a message.

Terror “Total Retaliation” was released on September 28th via Nuclear Blast Records.

Track Listing:

  1. This World Never Wanted Me
  2. Mental Demolition
  3. Get off My Back
  4. One More Enemy
  5. Break the Lock
  6. In Spite of These Times
  7. Total Retaliation
  8. Post Armageddon Interlude
  9. Spirit of Sacrifice
  10. I Don’t Know You
  11. Behind the Bars
  12. Suffer the Edge of the Lies
  13. Resistant to the Changes

P.S.: Title track “Total Retaliation” is a rap. Get it why? Don’t ask me, I didn’t understand either.

Watch “Mental Demolution” official video here: