TESTAMENT, EXODUS And DEATH ANGEL Concert In Italy Cancelled Due To Coronavirus Outbreak

TESTAMENTEXODUS and DEATH ANGEL scheduled concert in Milano, Italy for February 25 has been canceled due to a fast-spreading outbreak of the new coronavirus.

TESTAMENT has issued the following statement on the matter: “Following the order signed by the President of the Lombardy Region, we are forced to suspend all the events scheduled at the Trezzo Live Club. It is a precautionary measure valid unless corrections are made until 1 March 2020. We will shortly communicate the recovery date and the refund modalities.

“We want to clarify to all those who have followed us for years and also to those who have never come to us, who we have tried in all ways, expected and hoped with you, to be able to go ahead with our events and provide you with services and offer for which you have always appreciated us.

“The cancellation of an event causes economic damage and serious inconvenience to everyone, especially you and the public, who often make sacrifices in terms of time and money to make sure you participate in an event or concert of the band you love: by booking travel, accommodation , taking leave and vacation days.

“It is economic damage also for the club, obviously, for the intermediary agencies, for the companies and workers involved, up to the artists themselves,” statement continues. “They are therefore choices that must be carefully considered, in order to also evaluate possible recoveries in the case of international tours in particular.

“Regarding the epidemic situation, our personal conviction is that the infection does not stop by stopping only the entertainment, sport and culture, instead leaving free access to shopping centers, supermarkets, shops, banks, public transport and offices. It is a virus that has reached every corner of the globe and is transmitted even just by walking, but which fortunately has a very limited incidence of danger.

“If you want to tackle the problem seriously, healthcare must be structured above all to treat serious cases.

“We hope to see you all as soon as possible with more and more desire to be and have fun together.”