TESTAMENT/EXODUS Show Oversold By More Than 400 Tickets

According to The Herald-News, club Mojoes in Joliet, Illinois oversold the TESTAMENT/EXODUS show on Saturday, April 11 by more than 400 tickets.

Mojoes sold 917 tickets for the show, Joliet Deputy Police Chief Ed Gregory said, but the club has a capacity of about 500.

After learning that the show was oversold, city officials sent a police detective and fire official to count people entering through the front door of the club.

“Once the count reached 500, our detective prevented more patrons from entering Mojoes,” Joliet Deputy Police Chief Ed Gregory said.

“While the officers were there, they said they counted waiting in line 171 people at 8 o’clock,” Gregory said.

Gregory said Mojoes owners indicated to the city they would refund money to people who could not get into the show.