TESTAMENT’s ALEX SKOLNICK Shares Another Anti-DONALD TRUMP Rap Song ‘Wear A F—king Mask’

Alex Skolnick

TESTAMENT guitarist Alex Skolnick has released another anti-Donald Trump song called “Wear A F*cking Mask.”

Skolnick commented: “My recent homespun rap track ‘Trump Sucks’ got so much attention, from being labelled ‘an anthem’ and ‘brilliant’ to ‘pathetic’ and ‘cringeworthy,’ that I just had to follow it up.

“Staying in my lane is something I’ve never been good at.

“I realize a jazz/rock guitarist widely known for his thrash metal work releasing old-school rap tunes with a sociopolitical message and Zappa-esque satire might not make sense. But my question to you is: Does anything make sense these days?”

“This sequel had more energy put into it so I hope everyone who appreciated the first one feels similarly about ‘WAFM’“, he added.

“The loss of my all-time favorite guitarist, Eddie Van Halen delayed things by about a week, as I and the world mourned. Coincidentally, this project includes some of the the most directly VH-influenced parts I’ve ever done; so much so that I’d taken out my exact replica of his guitar after quite some time (built by a pal of mine, Frankie Fulleda, who builds these just for fun). 

EVH influence on a rap/hip-hop track? Sure. Eddie‘s palm scratching technique on the VH track ‘Atomic Punk’ is a perfect stand-in for a turntable sound (and easier than coordinating with an actual DJ). The chorus is inspired by a VH groove so funky, it could have worked for rap/hip-hop (‘Mean Street’). So in light of this, it’s ironic and a bit eerie that EVH‘s influence was felt so strongly just prior to the news.

“P.S.: To anyone who thought the first track represents the pinnacle of my rap technique, three words: HOLD MY BEER.”