TESTAMENT’s Chuck Billy: I Doubt The New ‘Clash Of The Titans’ Tour With MEGADETH, SLAYER and SEPULTURA Will Happen

TESTAMENT frontman Chuck Billy has shot down reports that they will be touring with MEGADETH, SLAYER and SEPULTURA next year.

It was reported last December that MEGADETH, SLAYER, SEPULTURA and TESTAMENT would participate in a newer version of the “Clash Of The Titans” tour next year or so, in order to support new albums by these four bands. Rumors of this touring package — which was reported to be SLAYER‘s last one before they finish their farewell tour, if it were to become a reality — persisted until last May, when MEGADETH frontman Dave Mustaine cryptically shot down the rumors on Twitter, writing:

“What am I? A mind reader? Do you wanna be a little more helpful?”

In a new interview with Metalheads Forever Magazine, TESTAMENT frontman Chuck Billy was asked if he sees the rebooted “Clash Of The Titans” tour working out in support of the band’s upcoming follow-up to 2016’s “Brotherhood Of The Snake“. He replied:

“I doubt it, this is Slayer’s last tour so this is it. There will be no more Slayer tours, ha ha.”

MEGADETH, SLAYER, SEPULTURA and TESTAMENT last toured together in 2010, when they embarked on the “American/Canadian Carnage” tour. Those three bands were part of the original “Clash Of The Titans” tour that took place in Europe in 1990, while the U.S. leg included ANTHRAX and ALICE IN CHAINS instead of TESTAMENT and SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, who were also on the European leg.

Max Cavalera, then-the lead singer of SEPULTURA, has claimed in interviews that the Brazilians were actually supposed to be the opening band on the U.S. “Clash Of The Titans” tour, but dropped out at the last minute, and were replaced by ALICE IN CHAINS. As a result, SEPULTURA embarked on their own tour in the summer of 1991 — around the same time the U.S. “Clash Of The Titans” tour took place — called “New Titans On The Block“, which also featured NAPALM DEATH, SACRED REICH and SICK OF IT ALL.

The closest that metal fans can witness a near-rebirth of the “Clash Of The Titans” tour is SLAYER‘s farewell U.S. tour, which kicked off about a week ago, and features support by LAMB OF GOD</strong and NAPALM DEATH</strong, as well as “Clash” alumni ANTHRAX and TESTAMENT.

[Source: Ultimate-Guitar.com]