TESTAMENT’s CHUCK BILLY Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Chuck Billy

TESTAMENT singer Chuck Billy has tested positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus.

Band revealed that Billy received his test results on Saturday (March 21).

Read TESTAMENT‘s full statement on the matter: “As many of you already know, after returning from the ‘Bay Strikes Back’ over Europe Tour last week, some of us in TESTAMENT have been feeling unwell and have made the decision along with our Doctors to be tested for the COVID-19 novel coronavirus. As of yesterday morning, Chuck and [his wife] Tiffany Billy‘s tests have come back positive as well as some crew members.

“We wanted to reach out to everyone who has been supporting us and expressing concern to inform you that we are doing what’s right, and what’s safe, and have all been quarantining ourselves since our return home; since before we were even tested. We are of course concerned for our families, our friends, our crew, our fellow musicians, and our fans. We’ve reached out to support our fellow Bay Area Bands who are also being proactive in their own camps, staying quarantined and safe, and will speak on their individual situations if and when they are ready to.

Statement continued: “At this moment we are currently focused on staying safe and quarantined, resting, getting ourselves back to health, and of course, sending well wishes, prayers, and positive energy towards our friends who are also sick. We also want to send well wishes to all of our fans and supporters in this time of crisis. We’re taking all the necessary steps to stay safe at home and we ask our friends and fans to do the same. Please take care of each other, and stay healthy so we can continue to thrash in the not so distant future!”

Guitarist Gary Holt, who also performed on “Bay Strikes Back” tour with EXODUS, recently said that he is exhibiting all the symptoms of COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus.

He posted following message on his Instagram account: “So I’ve been locked away with Lisa Holt, suffering from all the symptoms of Corona, without the beer! Mildly sick, better today after repeatedly waking up soaked in sweat last night.

“Self monitoring with my better half, and unfortunately, won’t be able to visit my grandkids until I’m symptom free for seven days. Ugh. Movie time, binge watching TV, and waiting this out!”

The pandemic’s global death toll has reached over 14,000, while the global number of cases has surpassed 339,000, according to the WHO, which is the health agency of the United Nations.