TETRARCH Launch Video For New Single ‘Addicted’

This Friday, April 30nd marks the highly-anticipated release of Unstable, the groundbreaking sophomore full-length release by Los Angeles based breakout metal stars TETRARCH! In celebration, the band released another one, their fourth and final pre-album release single, Addicted. The truly massive, spine-tingling endeavor showcases the captivatingly brooding and introspective side of TETRARCH, rounding out a dynamic group of hits. An official video visualizer for the new single has been released, so make sure to check it out below.

Frontman and guitarist Josh Fore comments about new single:
“‘Addicted’ is a song about being consumed by something in life that to the outside eye may appear detrimental or dangerous. Even as our world may be spiraling away from us into chaos there’s something that draws us towards our obsessions. ‘Now I can see that the joke is on me’ is that moment of self awareness: that we cannot escape who we are and that we are stuck in our own addictions.” 

Produced by the band and Dave Otero (Cattle Decapitation, Allegaeon, Khemmis), Unstable follows the band’s breakout debut Freak (2017). The new album shines not only as a natural step forward for TETRARCH, but a giant leap ahead – an even more focused effort combining bright flourishes, grooving low-end and soaring choruses. Unstable wastes no time igniting with the unforgettable, punching first single I’m Not Right. Boosted by frontman Josh Fore’s raw emotion and dynamic vocal style, the track pays homage to the genre’s greats while lifted by the eerie leads of trailblazing lead guitarist Diamond Rowe. Radio-ready, lyrically-relevant tracks like anti-bullying anthem for the ages Sick Of You and empowering You Never Listen” showcase TETRARCH’s hefty progressions and unforgettable choruses. Unstable’s heaviest offerings prove the band’s dynamic assault of varying heavy styles, most notedly on assertive breakneck burner Negative Noise – a track that will turn the heads of metal’s greatest riffers with Rowe’s mighty axe attack – and on the melodically chilling Take A Look Inside, highlighting the powerful rhythm section of bassist Ryan Lerner and drummer Ruben Limas.

The album explores a brooding, introspective side of the band on the standout, melodic Addicted and closer track Trust Me, which trickles-in supernatural atmosphere. Delivering heavy hit after hit, Unstable is 10 tracks of pure potency and undeniable talent.

Lead guitarist Diamond Rowe says about the album:
“The album has an overall theme of self-reflection and really looking at the relationships or parts of yourself/your life that you don’t like and getting out of those situations. It’s an angsty record. Musically, we were not timid in showing that we refuse to be boxed in as artists, and I think we really came out swinging with showing the world the type of band that we want to be. Freak did great for us and showed us that the music we were making was something that people wanted to hear, and that gave us the confidence to write and record this beast of an album.”

Unstable Track Listing:
1. I’m Not Right
2. Negative Noise
3. Unstable
4. You Never Listen
5. Sick Of You
6. Take A Look Inside
7. Stitch Me Up
8. Addicted
9. Pushed Down
10. Trust Me

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