THANOS Are ‘Unholy’

“Unholy” is the title of Thanos’ first solo full-length album. The theme is conceptual, concerning a tragical persona, a vampire dwelling amongst his unholy nature and his will to live a normal life as a human being. This psychological portrait refers to the struggle everyone faces in life, concerning the acts we have to make in contradiction to who we want to be. All music is composed, arranged and performed by Thanos at MFH studios. Artwork by Niko Marko.

Thanos is a musician, songwriter, composer and producer, who started his career back in 1987, forming his first band, Powerdrops, as a guitarist-singer, releasing two demo tapes, one 7” single and a full length album, “Seven feelings,” in 1998. In 1993 he joined Power Crue as the lead guitarist, releasing six full length albums and one live DVD with them until now. In 2018 he joined the band Lightfold as the lead singer, releasing the album “Deathwalkers” in 2019. During the period 2011-2016 Thanos conceived the idea and created one of the biggest Greek heavy metal festivals ever, featuring local bands, under the name “Wreck Athens fest”, in Athens and later in Thessaloniki. Over the last four years, Thanos created his YouTube channel, where one can listen to his own personal music ideas, mostly instrumental. Nowadays, his first solo full length album is on its way under the title “Unholy” and he has also finished the composition of the music for the theatrical play “The beast”, which will be soon performed in various theaters in Athens.

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